About Me

I’m an Interior Designer based in Padova and I had over 18 years of experience in the industry, working as Senior Designer at some prominent design studios and brands.

Guided by the attention for detail and understanding of materiality and spatial arrangement, I like to use natural materials and simple forms. The use of materiality integrated with a considered design intent ultimately communicates a warm and inviting, yet minimal approach to design.

My passion lies in the creation of personalised interiors: spaces that are timeless and tailored to the unique needs of each individual client. I try to encompasse a holistic design approach, from all aspects of creating a space. Balancing functionality, aesthetics and the individuality of every client.


The project must be a constant tension to reveal the essence of things, what is really useful. If simplicity is the means by which this essence is revealed, the method is that of solving complexity: the logic of remove in favor of full understanding.

Easily understanding and living a space involves the experience of harmony. in fact, harmony is the experience that relates us to nature where every form is right.


I predominantly work on retail, commercial and exhibit projects but also undertake private residential design work and styling. I experienced with all stages of interior architecture – from concept design through to construction; in various scale projects – new builds, to interior fit out and soft furnishings.

I believe the success of a project is a result of a respectful, collaborative relationship. By working closely with the entire project team; from the client, to the builders, trades and consultants, together realising the optimal design outcome.